Costa Blanca (Alicante) – Spain
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Guardamar del Segura – 11 km of fine golden sand beaches

Guardamar del Segura is located in the south of the Region of Valencia on the Costa Blanca, 25 km south of Alicante International Airport. It is a internationally renowned tourist destination. The beauty of the surrounding landscape comes from its much admired and preserved environment. Around 80% of the district’s land area in this seaside resort is protected. The Guardamar Pine Forest, with the most spectacular Spanish Mediterranean coastal woodlands, is especially noteworthy.

Castle of Guardamar

Guardamar town stood on the hill known as ‘El Castell’ from the time of its mediaeval Christian Foundation in 1271 until the destruction of the town by the 1829 earthquakes. Later on, its materials were used again to build the new town in its present site on the plain next to the sea. There are some remnants still standing such as the defensive structure of the Gunpowder Bulwark and the canvasses of low medieval tower walls.

The remains found reveal a long occupation from the 8th c. BC until the 19th century, passing through different historical periods such as the Phoenician, the Iberian, the Roman, the Islamic Caliphate and the Christian period.


Guardamar beaches are classed amongst the most beautiful and unique on the Spanish Mediterranean Coast. Guardamar offers 11 km of fine golden sand beaches with 3 Blue European quality flags bordering the long coastal dune pinewoods. Of these, 2 km are located to the north of the River Segura and 9 km to the south.

South of the River Segura there are 7 different beaches summing up about 9 km, some absolutely natural and others fully urban on the town’s shoreline itself. From north to south their names are: Els Vivers, La Babilònia, Centre, La Roqueta, El Montcaio, El Camp and Les Ortigues. The urban town beaches are known as: Centre and La Roqueta. The Seafront Promenade borders the lively Centre Beach where you can enjoy fine cuisine.

Dunes of Guardamar

The pine forest area in Guardamar del Segura, also known as the Dunes of Guardamar, is a natural park covering 800 hectares and was originally a vast collection of sand dunes. Over the years it has invited various plant species such as pines, palms, cypresses and eucalyptus, creating a beautifully landscaped environment of ecological, touristic and cultural appeal.

As you stroll around, the aromas of the greenery alongside the fresh sea air, makes it a perfect place to unwind and disconnect. This peaceful and picturesque park which links Guardamar town centre to the coast, is an ideal location for fresh morning walks, bike rides, dog walking, or simply chilling out with a picnic. There are plenty of shaded areas, resting benches, and comfortable wooden walkways which lead out to delightful sea views.

Parque Reina Sofia

Parque Reina Sofia is a beautiful public park situated in the heart of Guardamar del Segura, just a few meters from the beach. With a natural setting and an ambience of tranquility, the park has an abundance of established trees creating plenty of shade in the summer. There are picnic benches and seated viewpoints for rest, a lake with bridges and waterfalls providing picturesque scenery and a large adventure playground for the children.

From here you can watch the ducks and swans swimming in the pond and admire the peacocks and squirrels walking freely around the park. There is a delightful cafeteria offering snacks and refreshments with a spacious and comfortable outdoor seating area. Parque Reina Sofia can be found on Avenida dels Pins 03140 Guardamar del Segura.

Culture, Leisure and Cuisine

Guardamar is a cosy little town extremely fond of its historic roots, culture, traditions and festivals. Cuisine standards are high in a town with an important agricultural and fishing heritage.

The most outstanding event is the ‘Guardamar King Prawn (llagostí) and Sweet Dried Red Pepper (nyora) Cuisine Week’ held the first week of June. This event began in 2005 and has become one of the most prestigious cuisine highlights on the Spanish Mediterranean coast.

Guardamar’s most important ‘fiestas’ are theMoros y Cristians or Moors and Christians in Honour of Saint James, declared a Regional Valencian Heritage Tourist Interest Festivity. They are held in the second half of July.

In Guardamar you can enjoy water sports in the warm sea waters, along with hiking trails, horse riding, biking, golf, or visit historic and prehistoric sites of great interest.