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The Elche dam – a popular trekking route for nature lovers, Elche

The Elche dam known as the “Pantano de Elche” was built in the 17th century on the Vinalopó River as a means of retaining its waters. It was the first dam to be built in Europe in the shape of a vault, and is even considered to be the first arch shaped dam built since Roman times. It is an arch-shaped dam of approximately 22 meters high and 75 meters wide. The thickness of the wall is 12 meters at the base and 9 meters at the top.

The special thing about Pantano de Elche is the fact that this dam is no longer in use. As a result, water flows permanently over the dam wall. This produces very beautiful scenes, especially after a period with a lot of rain. Be sure to also go to the top of the dam. Since the beginning of 2019 there is a floating platform where you can walk above the water. The dam is currently recognized as a cultural heritage by the Generalitat Vanlenciana.

Today it has become a popular trekking route for nature lovers, as the ambience is tranquil and picturesque with waterfalls, lakes, wooden bridges and local wildlife. The walking route has sign posts to guide you along the trail and there is a parking area with picnic areas, to relax, have a snack and continue enjoying the views after your walk.

The best place to park up and start is at Aparcamiento Pantano de Elche, 03205 Elche.

Tel: 966 658 751.