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Valor Chocolate Museum – discover the journey of cocoa, Villajoyosa

Do you want to discover the journey of cocoa? The Valor Chocolate Museum in Villajoyosa takes you on a journey through the history of Valor chocolate making, dating back to 1881. At this delightful museum you will discover everything about cocoa from its history, right through to the evolution of the processes and production of chocolate.

The Chocolate Valor Museum, created in 1998, was recognised by the Generalitat Valenciana in 2008 as the Valencian Chocolate Museum.
At the time it was a small family factory, and there you can learn about the chocolate-making process and the whole history of Chocolates Valor from its birth to the present day, through the 5 generations of master chocolatiers who have run it.

The Valor Chocolate Museum houses one of the best collections of machinery in the chocolate industry, from the times when cocoa was ground by stone to the modern equipment used today. Of course, the perfect end to the museum experience is a visit to the chocolate shop where you can sample and discover the delicious range of their chocolate varieties.

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