Costa Blanca (Alicante) – Spain
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Torrevieja Carnival brings colour, passion, and dancing to the streets

One of the most spectacular events to attend this year, the 2020 Torrevieja Carnival started on Friday 31st January and ended on Saturday 29th February.

The history of the Torrevieja Carnival dates back to the late-1980s, specifically to a small group named the “Friends of Carnival” who began holding small parades concentrated in a series of organised parties where neighbours spent time dancing to music in the streets.

Today´s Torrevieja Carnival is a much more elaborate affair that involves officials from the Town Hall, local police, rigorous planning, a colourful cast of hundreds, and an audience that number in their tens of thousands. The carnival is one of the most important, anticipated, and admired festivities in the city of Torrevieja´s social calendar, and people travel from different countries around the world to attend the colourful month-long traditional event.

The Torrevieja Carnival kicked off on Friday 31st January with the proclamation of the carnival and the coronation of the carnival queens the following day, with both events being hosted at the Municipal Theatre. On Sunday 16th February the Torrevieja´s Grand Carnival Parade for 2020 took place, a parade that started from the Plaza de María Asunción and proceeded down Calle Ramón Gallud to Calle Clemente Gosálvez.

Torrevieja’s street parades take inspiration from the traditional Brazilian festivals such as the world-renowned Rio de Janeiro Carnival. However, unlike Rio´s celebrations that last just five days, the Costa Blanca city kept the party spirit alive for a full month.